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Our Story

Backed with over 25 years of outdoor experience and testing countless products throughout those years, we have handpicked and designed the best products on the market. RedTail Outdoors was created with one goal in mind, to bring top quality products at the lowest prices, for anyone from novice to extremist. Keeping it neat, clean, and simple providing you just what you need, when you need it. 

RedTail Rainfly


Portable Charger


Well done!

"Bought this product right before I had a big trip coming up and it lived up to my standards!"

Jessie Murph

Fantastic Product

"This product was more than what I expected, very durable and exceptionally great at shedding water!"

Jeff Hardole

Definitely recommend!

"I had been searching for quite some time trying to find an affordable, yet well built and effective rainfly for my camping trips and this one did the job, for sure."

Jared Winchest


"For the price I wasn't expecting much but RTO really proved me wrong. It came with all the necessary equipment for an easy setup. Tarp, stakes, guylines, and proper packages for everything."

Don Ventillo

Could not be happier

"I'm not a huge camper, but when I saw UV protection and this size, I knew it was hard to pass up and sure enough it was a great buy. Plenty of shade out on the beach this year!!"

Anne Winstik

What's included?

It's not just the outdoors...

It's the experiences we share. The breath of fresh air we take. It's the beauty of the wilderness. It's the late night storytelling. Staring up into the endless space above us and having the stars look right back. It's the snowflakes that gently touch our tents and the raindrops that shatter when they hit our rain flys. It's every bit of the community that bonds us together.

The Redtail Rainfly setup guide